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index of all the articles in our back issues!

How to get it:
Send an email to the Editor, Anna Silliman, requesting a copy of the index file. She'll reply and attach the file for you (it's about 23 pages long). Every few months we will send out an updated file with the newest issues included. We'll put you on the list to receive updates by email automatically.
Request PDF file of index here:

What you can do with this index:
Find teaching activities and articles from our back issues on specific topics you are looking for.You can search the file (using the "Find..." feature in your menu) for items, topics, or keywords. 

To use this file:
You will need a PDF reader, such as Apple's "Preview" or the free
Adobe Reader already installed on your computer. This software is FREE. If you don't already have a copy, you can get one at Adobe's download site:
link to Adobe Reader

Print or browse
Once you have our index file on your computer, you can search it electronically, or you can print it out for reference and browsing.

What if I still can't find something?
Feel free to email Anna, she can probably help you easily. There's a lot of material in two decades of HOE issues, and sometimes it's hard to find the right key word to pull up what you need.

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