10. English for Specific Purposes
(includes survival skills, workplace ESL, citizenship)


Two workplace titles - Feb. 2000


We've received two new books from New Readers Press from their "ESL for Job Success" series.

One is On-the-Job English by Christy M. Newman (2000). It's organized by functions (i.e. giving instructions, getting feedback, asking for help, understanding schedules) and is correlated to SCANS. Each lesson is about 6 pages and includes some student activities and a sample dialog. The material is fairly basic and doesn't include student stories or other reading material but this might be a plus if you're looking for something work-oriented to plug into your regular coursework. Described as high-beginning but might almost be low-intermediate.

The other title is Key Vocabulary for a Safe Workplace by Harry Ringel (2000). This is organized by safety issues (i.e., moving parts, warning labels). Each short lesson includes pictures that clearly show the issues being discussed. The student activities are low-key but kind of fun, like write your own warning signs, for example. Some of the examples are specific to certain workplaces but you could add or adapt the examples to suit your students' interests. Like most such materials, these lessons are quite vocabulary-intensive, so may be too challenging for beginners.This is probably most useful for students who are already working and dealing with safety issues.

Both of the above texts seem like supplementary material rather than core texts; depending on your students' needs you might find things that you could pull out and use as needed.