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Updated: Monday, March 13, 2000



As you can see, we've just launched this site to accompany our new book, and so far there are only a few new items. However, we'll be looking at materials and adding any good titles we find in the near future. Please let us know about any that you know and use! Thank you! --Anna and Abbie

Some new workplace titles


Two new books from New Readers Press have just crossed our desk. We describe them for you in the "10. ESL for Special Purposes" section.

Trouble finding online "ESL Starter Kit"?


In our book we gave a rave review to this title (our item #1-2) but the material is a little hard to find at the address we gave you. You can reach it more efficiently by going to:

You'll find the ESL Starter Kit listed there, as well as information on how to get Adobe Acrobat Reader which is needed to read this file. (To display the Table of Contents look for the "Show Navigation Pane" command in Acrobat Reader. This makes it easy to move around in the document.)